Sex and Gender Diverse Working Group

The Sex and Gender Diverse Health and Outcomes Working Group (known as the SGDWG) is a new partnership between members who have experience and authority in the planning and delivery of youth health services, and members who have experience in and/or who provide health and well-being services within the sex and gender diverse community. 

Our vision is that all sex and gender diverse people in our region have timely access to appropriate well-resourced health services for themselves and their whanau.


The SGDWG currently comprises:
  • Andrew Marshall, Paediatrician (Co-Chair of the SGDWG), Member of Youth SLA
  • Mani Mitchell (Co-chair of the SGDWG), E.D. ITANZ
  • Jemima Bullock, Clinical Psychologist, Endocrine Diabetes & Research Centre, CCDHB
  • Justin Canty, Registered Social Worker
  • Dr Richard Carroll, Endocrinologist, Wellington and Hutt Hospital
  • Arran Culver, Psychiatrist CAMHS, Chair of the Youth SLA
  • Adeline S. Greig, Community Resource Development, Gender Minorities Aotearoa
  • Tommy Hamilton
  • Dr Jenny Hayward, Sexual Health Physician, Lead Clinician Medical Forensic Sexual Assault Service
  • Dr Jane Kennedy (Sexual Health Physician, Lead Clinician Wellington Sexual Health Service)
  • Cathy Stephenson, GP at Student Health Services, Victoria university, and member of the Youth SLA
  • Peri Te Wao, MHDG, Tapatoru, Ranginui, Tīwhanawhana
  • Ahi Wi-Hongi, national coordinator Gender Minorities Aotearoa, community liaison and health promotion New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective
  • Esko Wiltshire, paediatric endocrinologist
  • Jevon Wright, OuterSpaces treasurer, Tranzform and Naming New Zealand volunteer


As the group’s work progresses, we will be consulting with the wider community, to ensure that our thoughts are consistent with both the Sex and Gender diverse community, as well as a wider group of professionals with experience in this field. Currently we meet every 1-2 months.

The SGDWG also provides oversight for the Trans-Affirmative Healthcare Pilot at Victoria University of Wellington, which will provide gender-affirming healthcare under an informed consent model to a group of Victoria University students. The SGDWG is also collaborating with researchers at Victoria University to evaluate the pilot through follow-up interviews exploring clients’ experiences of the service. The findings from this project will provide a guidance for other health services in their work with gender diverse community members, and may inform policy and funding decisions surrounding trans-affirmative health care in New Zealand.

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Upcoming Work

Our proposed next steps include carrying out an environmental scan of current services and supports, looking at the most appropriate model for service delivery, upskilling the current workforce, and developing a System of Care.

Please feel free to contact any member of the SGDWG via our two co-chairs.

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Sep 19, 2016, 9:44 PM
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