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This is a collection of Wellington-focused resources as of June 2016, sorted alphabetically. The Tranzform group ran a workshop to collectively identify and discuss our experiences with these resources. To suggest an addition or change, please contact the facilitators or come along to our next website workshop!

Victoria University of Wellington
  • "Gender neutral bathrooms (in certain places)"
  • "Currently spate of transphobic writing on walls of some of gender neutral stalls, hasn't been cleaned off in months"
  • "Gender binary on most forms and student profile"
  • "Student info easy to update thru myvuw"
  • "Student union toilet is good, some of The Hub toilets have transphobic graffiti"
  • "Avoid the loo on the far right in the understairs GN bathrooms to avoid graffiti"
  • "Vic health refused to use my correct name until my policy friend hounded them. They still use my dead name often"
  • "Deadnames on student rolls outing trans students to classmates; UniQ has encountered heaps of red tape trying to change this"
  • "Shouldn't have to out ourselves to lecturers/tutors in order to prevent this"
  • "VUW Human Ethics Committee - admin is queer! Has queer and trans-friendly policies"
  • "Dian Comer, Vic Unit WRIT tutor - transphobic, racist, culturally inappropriate remarks"
  • "David Maass, Science tutor (?) - racist, islamophobic, generally offensive"
  • "Name change easily done at enrolment office with new birth certificate, new student ID printed free on the day."
Wellington High School
  • "Hannah Paton-Smith, teacher - really great with trans stuff"
  • "Lindon Coppin - guidance counsellor"
  • "UV - really great GSA group"
  • "Gender neutral bathrooms are great"
  • "No uniform"
Onslow College
  • "No uniform"
  • "I think they have gender neutral bathrooms?"