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This is a collection of Wellington-focused resources as of June 2016, sorted alphabetically. The Tranzform group ran a workshop to collectively identify and discuss our experiences with these resources. To suggest an addition or change, please contact the facilitators or come along to our next website workshop!

Clothing Stores

  • Asos
    • "Has things in tall and petite sizes, affordable"
  • Ali Express
    • "Great place to order large shoes - up to size 16"
    • "If you fit their cis sizes and can deal with their terrible sizes"
  • JayJays
  • JustJeans
    • "Easy to find pants for FTM's"
    • "J'Ville Mall - some sales assistants won't let AFAB ppl look at men's jeans"
  • K. Bell (socks)
    • "Cute, durable, non-stretchy + non-judgemental"
  • Number One Shoes, Lambton Quay
    • "If you say you're a man, you're a man"
    • "The older man there is really friendly + helpful"
    • "=)"
    • "Excellent"
  • Number One Shoes, Lyall Bay
    • "Excellent"
  • Op-shops
    • "Maybe not Sallies but up to you"
  • Recycle Boutique & Paper Bag Princess
    • "Gender neutral changing rooms, really cheap"
  • Paper Bag Princess
    • "Really cheap, friendly staff"
  • Sallies, Karori
    • "For socks that actually go knee-hi, thigh-hi on tall peeps"
    • "Clothes for tall girls, reasonable price + shipping, like the tights"
  • Vicky Jackson
    • "Kate, manager - awesome"

Makeup Stores

  • The Body Shop, Cuba & Manners
    • "Manager Dan Pooley is fantastic! Willing to learn about gender stuff."
  • Beauty Bliss, Willis St or
  • Jordana Stands
    • "In every $2 shop"

General Retail Stores

  • Cuba Farmers
    • "Women's underwear section: no questions asked, treated like anyone else, good I guess"
    • "There's a manager at Farmers on Cuba who always glares at me when I'm in the women's sections. Old white dude. Everyone else is nice ime"
  • Farmers
    • "Transphobic"
  • Grishko (ballet retail)
    • "Only possible titles on website are Mr + Mrs"
  • Kaffee Eis Cuba
    • "Gender neutral bathrooms!"
  • Midnight Espresso
    • "Gender neutral bathrooms"
  • Trademe
    • "Easy to order things anonymously"
  • Vincents Artwork Shop
    • "All genders friendly"