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This is a collection of Wellington-focused resources as of June 2016, sorted alphabetically. The Tranzform group ran a workshop to collectively identify and discuss our experiences with these resources. To suggest an addition or change, please contact the facilitators or come along to our next website workshop!


  • Community Law
    • "Free legal advice for all!"
    • "They great!!"
  • Kate Scarlet, Community Law
    • "The bestest!!"
    • "So. Good."
    • "Kate is willing to talk in person, on phone, over email, on FB, or text and is pretty much available 24/7"
    • "Resources and guides for name changes"
  • YouthLaw
    • "Free legal services for people under 25"


  • G2CB
  • Wellington Binder Exchange


  • Nads
    • "Don't ever use Nads, it's skin-rippy-burny D:"
  • Nair hair removal cream
    • "Works"




  • Karori Pool
    • "Has no gender neutral/accessible changing facilities"
  • Symes de Silva
    • "Didn't ask any questions"
  • Needle Exchange Willis St


  • ANZ
    • "Still can't change my title from Mr =("
  • ASB
    • "Proactive with using my name and pronouns!"
  • Kiwibank
    • "Name change was done with a new birth certificate, a deadname passport, and evidence of identity in the community. Title changed from Mr. to Ms. in spite of birth cert and passport having gender marker M, really great."


  • Willis St. Physio
    • "Worked with almost everyone who works at Willis St. Physio, have had no issues with being Not Cis in that space"


  • Angela C Wells
  • Capital Barbers
    • "Don't do "women's haircuts" -_- -_- -_-"
    • ":("
  • Dave the Barber, James Smith Cnr
    • "'Doesn't do women' (trans men who don't 'pass')"
  • Dixon St Barbers
  • Glory Hair, Bond St
    • "Respectful and creative"
    • "One of the male stylists was transphobic"
  • The Godfather Barbers
    • "Doesn't make gender assumptions. =)"
  • J'Ville Barber, Countdown Carpark
    • "Won't do "women's haircuts" but will do "men's haircuts" on people of any gender. =)"


  • CityFitness
    • "T. friendly & have LGBT staff, Williston/Willis branch branch has unisex changing facility"
  • Les Mills Extreme
    • Manager Peter Fraser has personally clarified that accessibility and diversity are important to him and the gym, and that trans members will be supported in using the changing room they are comfortable with, including using the accessibility changing room if uncomfortable using the gendered spaces. They have had a couple of MTF members and one FTM member, none of whom have had any issues.
  • Les Mills Lambton
    • No personal experience, but Peter Fraser from Extreme has said that the same acceptance should be expected from all Les Mills gyms.

Vocal Training

Other Things

    • "Supportive community, inclusive and eager to learn + improve"
  • Ivy
    • "Fine if you're a guy"
    • "Please elaborate: Fine if you're cis, male presentation, AMAB etc? And what is the experience for those outside that group?"
  • Scotty & Mal's (S&Ms)
    • "Super trans friendly (and wicked karaoke)"