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This is a collection of Wellington-focused resources as of June 2016, sorted alphabetically. The Tranzform group ran a workshop to collectively identify and discuss our experiences with these resources. To suggest an addition or change, please contact the facilitators or come along to our next website workshop!


  • Community Law
    • "Free legal advice for all!"
    • "They great!!"
  • Kate Scarlet, Community Law
    • "The bestest!!"
    • "So. Good."
    • "Kate is willing to talk in person, on phone, over email, on FB, or text and is pretty much available 24/7"
    • "Resources and guides for name changes"
  • YouthLaw
    • "Free legal services for people under 25"


  • G2CB
  • Wellington Binder Exchange


  • Nads
    • "Don't ever use Nads, it's skin-rippy-burny D:"
  • Nair hair removal cream
    • "Works"




  • Karori Pool
    • "Has no gender neutral/accessible changing facilities"
  • Symes de Silva
    • "Didn't ask any questions"
  • Needle Exchange Willis St


  • ANZ
    • "Still can't change my title from Mr =("
  • ASB
    • "Proactive with using my name and pronouns!"
  • Kiwibank
    • "Name change was done with a new birth certificate, a deadname passport, and evidence of identity in the community. Title changed from Mr. to Ms. in spite of birth cert and passport having gender marker M, really great."


  • Willis St. Physio
    • "Worked with almost everyone who works at Willis St. Physio, have had no issues with being Not Cis in that space"


  • Angela C Wells
  • Capital Barbers
    • "Don't do "women's haircuts" -_- -_- -_-"
    • ":("
  • Dave the Barber, James Smith Cnr
    • "'Doesn't do women' (trans men who don't 'pass')"
  • Dixon St Barbers
  • Glory Hair, Bond St
    • "Respectful and creative"
    • "One of the male stylists was transphobic"
  • The Godfather Barbers
    • "Doesn't make gender assumptions. =)"
  • J'Ville Barber, Countdown Carpark
    • "Won't do "women's haircuts" but will do "men's haircuts" on people of any gender. =)"


  • CityFitness
    • "T. friendly & have LGBT staff, Williston/Willis branch branch has unisex changing facility"

Vocal Training

Other Things

    • "Supportive community, inclusive and eager to learn + improve"
  • Ivy
    • "Fine if you're a guy"
    • "Please elaborate: Fine if you're cis, male presentation, AMAB etc? And what is the experience for those outside that group?"
  • Scotty & Mal's (S&Ms)
    • "Super trans friendly (and wicked karaoke)"