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This is a collection of Wellington-focused resources as of June 2016, sorted alphabetically. The Tranzform group ran a workshop to collectively identify and discuss our experiences with these resources. To suggest an addition or change, please contact the facilitators or come along to our next website workshop!


Written Media

  • Fucking Trans Women
    • "Best sex guide out, cheap 80pg zine"
    • "Guaranteed to learn something you didn't know about your body (AMAB)"
  • My First Gender Workbook, Kate Bornstein
  • Salient
    • "Did a great queer issue"
    • "Run by libfems who are big fans of Gloria Steinem, one of the 70's feminists who brought the TERF movement to legitimacy. Queerlient has trans writers, otherwise proceed with caution"
  • The Truth of Names
    • "A Magic: the Gathering short story"
  • Whipping Girl, Julia Serano

Shows & Movies

  • Her Story
    • "YouTube series"
  • Steven Universe
    • "The feels!"
    • "Yessss!"
  • Supernatural
    • "Queerbaits, but Charlie Bradbury is really well written"


  • Dys4ia
    • "online game"
  • Read Only Memories
    • "Cyperpunk point and click adventure game with diverse cast and you can choose your pronouns"
  • Trigger
    • "game by Amy Dentata"
  • Undertale
    • "Hint hint Llaren =)"


  • Autumn Asphodel
  • Chase Ross
  • FTMtranstastic
    • "tick!"
  • Jackson Bird dt
  • KroboProductions aka Dikekike
    • "Popular YTPer, racist & transphobic AF"
  • Milo Stewart
    • "(take with a pool of salt though)"
  • R. J. Forsythe
    • "(coming June 2016)"
  • Princessjoules/Julie Van Vu
    • "Trans woman, gives real anecdotal gritty details on sex, SRS, and transition"
  • Mr Seth Corbin
  • Zinnia Jones