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This is a collection of Wellington-focused resources as of June 2016, sorted alphabetically. The Tranzform group ran a workshop to collectively identify and discuss our experiences with these resources. The experiences below are directly from group members and are not verified. To suggest an addition or change, please contact the facilitators or come along to our next website workshop!


  • Dr Dougal Thorburn, Vic. Uni
    • "Had a good experience with him as my GP so far; able to inform on the transition process"
  • Evolve Youth Service
    • "Free for under 26 year olds"
  • Dr Julian Foster
    • "Excellent, *****"
    • "The best GP in Wellington, really listens"
  • Dr Tim McKenzie, Newlands Medical Centre
    • "Doesn't judge about gender/sexuality"
  • Dr Tony McNaughton @ City GPs
    • "Had no idea about transgender"


  • Compass Health - Debbie Newlove
    • "A free counsellor to those on a benefit with experience & comfort accessing "gender identity disorder" for medical needs"
  • Mani Mitchell
  • NZAF
    • "Free counselling for most people"
  • Wellington HELP
    • "HELP are fantastic!"
    • "Wellington HELP is miles better than Rape Crisis, only shortcoming is the age of all their counsellors means you often have to educate them"
  • Wellington Rape Crisis
    • "Avoid Wellington Rape Crisis! Run by abusive cis feminists"
    • "Are developing a policy for supporting trans people"


Clinical Psychologists that can refer to CCDHB Endocrine


  • Dr John Delahunt
    • "Tries his hardest & is getting better at non-binary"
    • "Hard to get hold of"
    • "Super experienced, knows what he's doing very well, sadly overworked, slow to see, hard to contact"
    • "Delahunt is crazy busy and that makes him hard to contact - also comes from a medical perspective"
    • "Note: uses "presenting" as a clinical measurement of gender assertion"
    • "Also: does not use informed consent model of care - requires psych evaluation letter"
  • Fertility Associates
    • "Dr Andrew Murray - has experience getting funding for people to have fertility options"
    • "All forms for storage used "man", unpleasant"
    • "Materials in collection rooms are male gaze cis-het porn"
    • "Govt funding available"


  • Bowen Trust
    • "funds surgery"
  • Dr David Glasson at Bowen Hospital
    • "Breast Augment, good work & great team"
  • Dr Marcus Bisson


  • James Smith Life
  • Unichem Cuba
    • "Has never batted an eye when I've bought nail polish + other cosmetics there"
    • "+1 agree"
  • Unichem Courtenay Place
    • "They are friendly and helpful"
  • VUW Pharmacy
    • "Doesn't carry depo T"