Some labels related to gender that you may hear are:
  • Trans
  • Transgender (one's gender identity or expression does not match their assigned sex)
  • Transsexual
  • Fa'afafine
  • Whakawhine
  • Tangata ira tane
  • Intersex
  • Two-spirit
  • Genderqueer, non-binary (catch-all category for gender identities outside of the gender binary of man and woman)
  • Non-gendered
  • Questioning


Being trans is about gender. If you don’t fit societies rules about what kind of gender is acceptable, then you may fit under the trans umbrella. It's separate from your sexuality (who you’re attracted to). Your gender is about you, your body, how you’re seen by others, and how you feel inside your head. There are countless words in many different languages and cultures to describe different genders. For more information on transgender rights in New Zealand, some inspiring personal stories, and a great list of what being “trans” might mean, you can go to "To Be Who I Am". If you don't fit into these categories or prefer not to have a label for your gender, that’s cool too, you are welcome at Tranzform.