Created by the Tranzform group, everyone that attends to the group needs to agree to abide by the kaupapa (code of conduct) we've developed together. This kaupapa applies at sessions, in our digital spaces, and coming to or from group. 

Our Tranzform Kaupapa
  1. Respect! (expression, pronouns, beliefs, identity, limits, privacy).
  2. Don't out others and keep what we say private to the group. Facilitators will keep confidential everything said to them in their role as facilitators, a but will refer situations to professionals when someone is at a risk of harm.
  3. Anyone who wants to attend needs to get in contact with a facilitator first. Support people are welcome, but this applies to them too.
  4. Be considerate & let others speak
  5. Don't make others feel uncomfortable with your language – be aware of potential triggers and people’s reactions.
  6. Change topics if people feel uncomfortable – optional code word if you feel uncomfortable is “cold toast”.
  7. Be aware of people’s comfort levels – optional code word “warm toast” if you want to say you’re okay with this topic, but feeling a bit uncomfortable so you would like people to tread lightly.
  8. Keep language and topics appropriate to the age group – talk about sex, drugs and alcohol in an appropriate and responsible way, and only when relevant to giving or receiving support.
  9. Do not attend the group under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  10. Keep events inclusive – do things as a group and stick together as a group when meeting outside of our venue.
  11. Don’t yuck other people’s yums.
  12. Holding hands = OK. Hugs = OK. Making out = NO! All parties must actively consent.
Giving Feedback/Reporting Problems

Contact any of the facilitators

E-mail tranzform.wgtn@gmail.com