Created by the Tranzform group, everyone that attends to the social group needs to agree to abide by the kaupapa (code of conduct) we've developed together.

Our Tranzform Kaupapa

Respect! (expression, pronouns, beliefs, identity, limits, privacy etc)

Cold toast - immediately change topics

Cold sandwich - I’m OK with this topic, but I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable so tread lightly please

Stay as a group

It's OK to bring along a support person

Be considerate & let others speak

Don't share your sexual escapades

Don't make others feel uncomfortable with your language - be aware

Don't out others and keep what we say private to the group

Don’t yuck other people’s yums

Holding hands = OK
Hugs = OK
Making out = NO!
All parties must consent

Giving Feedback/Reporting Problems

Contact any of the facilitators

E-mail tranzform.wgtn@gmail.com

Phone 022 695 0394