Facilitators Kaupapa

At Tranzform, we have at least two volunteer facilitators at every support meeting and social event.

Facilitators are exactly that – people who try to facilitate a group, by helping everyone communicate, in an inclusive and safe way, while remaining neutral themselves. We encourage participation, understanding and shared responsibility.

In July 2015 the facilitators worked together to form their own kaupapa/code of conduct:
  • The safety of the facilitators is number one.
  • The safety of everyone in the group is more important than any one person.
  • Everyone who attends our support groups needs to agree to the group's kaupapa.
  • If someone is repeatedly too disruptive or too triggering to the group, a facilitator will ask them to leave. The person will need to have a private conversation at another time with the facilitators before they can return.
  • We're just here to facilitate – we have our own lives.
  • We're only volunteers – but we want to help.
  • We're not here to directly support parents and schools, and we can't sugar coat things.
  • As facilitators, we won't use alcohol or other drugs at events, to keep a level head.
  • We will share our experiences with other facilitators, and encourage open discussion within the  group.

Anyone can be a facilitator, and being one is incredibly rewarding, learning communication skills and being involved in a wonderful community. If you'd like to be a facilitator, please join us! :)