About Tranzform

Tranzform is a support group for youth* who identify as transgender, fa'afafine, whakawahine, tangata ira tane, intersex, two-spirits, genderqueer, non-gendered, questioning and their allies.

We have fortnightly meetings in central Wellington for discussions, information, food and frivolity. Whether you’ve already gone through a gender transition, you’re questioning who you are, or feel like you just don’t fit into male or female, you’re welcome in our group. Tranzform is a place where you can let your glorious self out, explore your gender with youth in the same boat, and be safe doing so.

*young people in this case is 30 and under

Safe space

We do our best to make Tranzform a safe space for everyone who comes along, and have a kaupapa for all attendees. We love new members, and if you’re new to the group you can meet with one of our friendly facilitators for a coffee or tea before you come to your first meeting. They can let you know what the group’s about, and make it a bit easier to take the brave step of approaching a new group.

We have our meetings at a private venue in a safe space, so your attendance can be as discrete as you want it to be. In the interest of safety, we ask you to call, text or email our facilitators to find out when and where we meet.

What we get up to

Tranzform is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people. Being differently gendered can be a scary and isolating experience, especially without support and friends who understand where you’re at. At Tranzform you can walk into a room full of safe people, who are there for the same reason as you.  You can talk freely about issues that can be dangerous or uncomfortable to discuss with your friends and whanau. We work on the idea that just having somewhere where you can relax, wear what you want, and find solidarity with people going through the same stuff, can make all the difference.

Tranzform is primarily a support group, and we sometimes hold workshops on particular topics that affect the transgender community, and host awesome guest speakers. Tranzform also runs social events such as monthly coffees, youth events, watching movies and going on group outings, where you can be yourself around a group of supportive peers.

Contacting Tranzform

To get in touch with the Tranzform facilitators, email tranzform.wgtn@gmail.com, or you can contact the Public Tranzform Facebook page

Facebook group (private) - please contact the facilitators first to be invited